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The following mainly introduces the working principle, characteristics, process parameters and research progress of multi-arc ion plating technology, which performs well in  jewellery plating machines and cutting tool coating.

As a branch of physical vapor deposition technology, multi-arc ion plating is a new coating preparation technology developed on the basis of vacuum evaporation and vacuum sputtering. It is also called vacuum arc evaporation method. It discharges vacuum arc Used for arc evaporation source. Because the multi-arc ion plating technology has the characteristics of high deposition rate, good coating adhesion, dense coating, and convenient operation, it has been widely used in the field of surface modification of materials. In 1963, Mattox proposed and used ion plating technology for the first time; in 1972, Bunshah et al. developed active reactive evaporation (ARE) technology; in 1973, Mulayama et al. invented the radio frequency excitation method ion plating; in the 1980s, ion plating had become a worldwide A high-tech industry in China, the main products are TiN, TiAlN wear-resistant layers and TiN imitation gold decorative coatings on high-speed steel and cemented carbide tools. In 1982, the Multi-arc company in the United States first introduced commercialized multi-arc ion plating equipment. In 1986, my country started the production of multi-arc ion plating equipment. In the 1990s, ion plating technology has made considerable progress. Compared with the 1980s, ion plating equipment and processes have been greatly improved. In recent years, various ion coating machines have been manufactured at home and abroad according to different application requirements, some of which have reached industrial production levels. 

The working principle of multi-arc ion plating technology is mainly based on the theory of cold cathode vacuum arc discharge. After the vacuum arc is ignited, some discontinuous, bright spots of various sizes and shapes appear on the surface of the cathode target, and they quickly move irregularly on the surface of the cathode, some spots When it is extinguished, some spots are formed in other parts to maintain the burning of the arc. The current density of the cathode spot reaches 104~105A/cm2, and the metal vapor is emitted at a speed of 1000m/s, of which every 10 electrons emitted can emit 1 metal atom, and then these atoms are ionized into high-energy positive ions (Such as Ti+), positive ions combine with other ions (such as forming TiN with N-) when operating in the vacuum chamber, and deposit on the surface of the workpiece to form a coating.

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