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Pvd coating machine China working principles introduction:

1. The principle of hollow cathode ion plating. Under the condition that the background vacuum is high, the argon gas 1-10-2 is introduced from the cathode, and the ignition voltage is applied between the cathode and the auxiliary anode to cause the argon to glow discharge. Low-voltage plasma discharge is generated in the hollow cathode. When the temperature of the cathode rises to 2300-2400K, the cold cathode discharge changes to hot cathode discharge, and thermionic emission discharge begins to become stable. Reactive gas can be used to make a compound film.

2. The working principle of most common pvd coating machine China is measurement and control sputtering: First, pre-extract the vacuum chamber to 10-3Pa, and then introduce a gas such as argon. When the pressure is 1-10 Pa, a negative voltage is applied to the target to generate a glow discharge. The electrons accelerate to the base under the positive action of the electric field. When the film collides with argon atoms, it ionizes Ar and another electron bombards the target material. The target material is ionized by secondary electrons. The target material is continuously bombarded. The magnetic field changes the direction of the electron movement. The electromagnetic field confines and extends the electron trajectory to improve the electron pair work The ionization probability of the gas.

3. Working principle of another widely used in pvd coating machin China, multi-arc ion plating is cold cathode self-sustained arc discharge, and its physical basis is field emission.

The material to be plated is connected to the cathode vacuum chamber to the anode vacuum chamber. When the vacuum chamber is pumped to a high vacuum, the electrode starter contacts and pulls apart. At this time, a stable arc discharge is formed between the cathode and the anode. The bombardment of the spot turns it into a point evaporation source, with several arc evaporation sources as the core for multi-arc ion plating.

4. The film material of the resistance evaporation coating machine is the material to be plated, which is placed in the evaporation boat and placed in the vacuum chamber. When it is pumped to a certain vacuum, the film material is heated by resistance to evaporate. When the mean free path of the evaporated molecules is greater than the evaporation source to the base In the linear size of the sheet, atoms and molecules escape from the evaporation source and reach the substrate to form a film.

In order to make the film thickness uniform, the motor can be used to drive the substrate to rotate and the film thickness meter can be used to control the film thickness to produce a high-quality film.

5. The working principle of the E-type gun The cathode filament emits thermionic electrons with initial kinetic energy of 0.3 EV after being heated. These thermionic electrons are accelerated and converged into a beam under the action of the electric field between the filament cathode and anode.

In the magnetic field of the electromagnetic coil, when the electron beam is deflected in the direction of E x B through the cathode, the energy of the electron is increased to 10KV. The electron is deflected by the anode at an angle of 270 degrees and incident on the surface of the film in the crucible to bombard the film to vaporize.

6. The working principle of PCVD coating: Put the part to be plated on the cathode of low-pressure glow discharge and pass in the appropriate gas at a certain temperature, using the process of combining chemical reaction and ion bombardment to obtain a coating on the surface of the workpiece.

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